Are you committed to living a life of Joy, Passion, and Prosperity while making a Massive Contribution to the World, but find yourself falling short of your true potential? 
Would you like to tap into UNLIMITED CONFIDENCE, total alignment with your PURPOSE, and an unstoppable ability to BREAK THROUGH YOUR FEAR to take action towards your dreams?

Would you like to have a proven formula to DOUBLE your INCOME and to experience more FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT in your life?
Then join us for amazing breakthrough and transformation at Legendary ~ The Breakthrough Experience… guaranteed to be some of the most life changing days of your life, or your money back!



" If you are ready to unlock UNLIMITED CONFIDENCE and become the most powerful version of you… RSVP now!" 
"I experienced more growth in 3 days than I have in 3 years because of Legendary!" - Rachel S
"Legendary was a life-changing experience! My business and life grew exponentially after attending” John H.
The purpose behind everything we do at LEGENDARY is simple…
to help YOU become the MOST POWERFUL 
version of YOU.
Join Gerald, his team of industry leaders, and an inspired group of other mission-driven influencers and entrepreneurs committed to making this next year their most impactful and profitable year so far. Spend 4 days with us to take courageous accountability of your current MINDSET and HABITS, upgrade your RESOURCES and EMOTIONAL SKILLS, and map out KEY STRATEGIES and BULLET-PROOF PLANS to hit your most important goals.
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“The tools I learned through this seminar helped me lose over 120 lbs!” Richard S.
“Because of this seminar I have learned to more fully love myself and connect with others.” Annette A.

The Legendary Breakthrough Experience is unlike any “seminar” or business training you’ve ever encountered. From over two decades of expertise in creating and facilitating transformational events, in over a dozen countries, Legendary brings you the best of collaborations with some of the world’s TOP THOUGHT LEADERS and PRODUCERS. Each day has been carefully crafted with hands-on, intimate, experiential encounters designed to get you out of your head and your comfort zone, in order to hack the power of your heart for real and lasting change.
Gerald’s unparalleled gifts in personal development, psychology, communication and spirituality, in tandem with advanced business strategies and proven techniques in neuroscience, and hypnosis will forever change the way you see and produce the results in your life. 

Everything you are currently experiencing in your health, your relationships, and your business are all an extension of YOU and a reflection of your consciousness. In four short days with Gerald and his team, you will permanently upgrade the unseen “software” of your mind in order to claim and maintain the tangible results (or “hardware”) you desire in your body and bank account while experiencing deeper meaning, peace, and bliss in your relationship with self and others.  

Join Gerald and a tribe of fearless, mission-driven entrepreneurs who are building a community of self-mastery, excellence, connection and contribution. Your time is now! This is the reason why you are here ... now is the time for action!

“Legendary has opened my heart and mind to things I didn’t even know were possible, and has taught me how to make them my reality.” - Mikela R.
Here's just a small taste of what you'll discover at a Legendary Experience:

 Get absolute clarity about what you want to create, how you’re going to accomplish it, and the tools to actually do it.
 Add multiple 6-figures to your business in 12 months and transform your annual income into monthly income.
   Advanced training from guest speakers on various critical topics of business mastery (pricing, messaging, product and program development) 
 Discover the fastest, most powerful method for creating immediate transformation, changing the way you think, and rewiring your brain. 
 Master the invisible forces that drive all human behavior so you can create an extraordinary life for yourself and those you love.
 Learn how to have success while staying connected to the journey of your life, and being present for the people you love.
 Eliminate the limiting beliefs, self-criticism and negative patterns of thinking that are preventing you from taking your business to the next level.
 Learn the 6 keys to Business Mastery and building a highly profitable and scalable impact-oriented business.
 Develop an INVINCIBLE mindset and permanently eliminate the stress, struggle, and overwhelm that's stealing your income, joy and dreams.
 Discover how to compress time and accomplish what would take most business owners 3 to 5 years in just the next 12 months
 Fully and consistently align your thoughts, emotions and actions with the extraordinary vision you have for your life.
 Master the art and science of RELATIONSHIP and become a powerfully influential leader in your work, family and community.
When you want to lcreate TRANSFORMATION now...
Learn from the EXPERTS.
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" If you are ready to unlock UNLIMITED CONFIDENCE and become the most powerful version of you… RSVP now!" 
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